Some Exciting Tips to Look Awesome in Lehenga Chunni

Some Exciting Tips to Look Awesome in Lehenga Chunni

If it is asked that which is the staple wedding wear for girls in India, then obviously most of you would raise your hands echoing Lehenga Chunni. There is nothing wrong in it. The beauty of women at marriage ceremonies or at other special events are often symbolised by the stylish Lehenga Choli that they wear. The relationship between a woman and Lehenga chunni is continuing since time immemorial.

Though, there is no dearth of wedding wardrobes in India, but the charm and elegance of lovely Lehenga attire is awesome in itself. That’s the reason why this outfit has continued to remain women’s number one garment all across the country. Needless to say, this attire also adds necessary gleams to your persona through its variety. A Lehenga Chunni can be of mermaid type, straight cut Salwar suit or full-flair ones.

Lehengas are available in wide variety of sizes and quality. It is available in brocade, satin, georgette, chiffon and crepe. Lancha Lehengas are quite popular in Punjab while Chaniya Choli is extremely trendy in the regions comprising parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and nearby states.

Flaunt Your Lehengas the Way you Want

Bollywood replica Lehengas are easily available online offering girls with a glamorous look anytime anywhere. Here are a few extremely important tips by which you can certainly look like a doll draping in an attractive Lehenga Choli looking much more adorable and elegant.
  1. Look for those Embellishments: The intricacies on the dress should be captivating enough to capture the attention of people all around. A fine embroidery work and exclusive prints on the outfit make the attire look beautiful and complete in all respects. Light embellishment with colorful designs is the best combination.

  2. Make-Up Matters: The make-up must match with the colors of Lehenga you are wearing. A light make up is always the best bet. Also ensure that the color on your lips is matching to that of your Lehnga Choli ensemble at least in part if not full.

  3. Bold Colors: Though, most women prefer wearing colorful Lehengas, they often get confused ending up picking wrong color. Here is an easy way out. You must remember that this traditional attire sticks to your body, so in order to look slimmer or leaner you must choose dark colors. This not only conceals your true figure but make you look more beautiful too.

  4. Flaunt your Footwear: Many women overlook the importance of footwear considering them to be as the last priority. But frankly speaking, women often completely diminish their fashion statement due to wrong choice of shoes. I urge you to pick up the right sandal or high heel matching the theme of the event you are attending in.

  5. Draping Pallu Right: While consider the joy of roaming freely without taking Dupatta or pallu, but a pallu with Lehenga makes any girl look far more fabulous, slim and flawless while hiding their extra weights which you don’t want people to know about.

You should know the right method of draping Dupatta or pallu with the Lehenga chunni to avoid any embarrassment at the event. It’s simple; tuck the Dupatta keeping it on your right shoulder with one end falling below your knees – tie it with a safety pin if required. Now take its other end from your back side in such a way that you fold it as a loop in your left hand using a pin or your bangle. Believe me; you will really transform into a beautiful and elegant diva in Lehenga Choli. Try it today!