How to Present Yourself Beautifully In Lehenga Choli

Indian women are known for their beauty and inherent love for traditional outfits. Of these Lehenga Choli is obviously one of the most preferred women’s attires in India. Be it a festival, marriage ceremony or a Holi party in the evening, Indian women look strikingly beautiful and adorable in this ancient wedding costume.

Women Lehenga Choli has always been the mesmerizing outfit for girls. It not only conceals the actual weight of your body but also suitable for all body types. Whether you have that extra amount of fat in your tummy or your waist measures little more than 36”, when you clad yourself in a stunning piece of White Wonderful Lehenga Choli, rest be assured that you look like a princess. It really feels so special to enjoy the magic of being a woman in lehnga choli as the garment brightens up your persona in toto.

 Few Essential Tips to Look Radiant in Lehenga Choli

  • Why Not Dark Colors: Until now, women love to drape golden or fancy pink Lehenga Choli or the light green ones. But in the last few years, there is a slight shift in trend with more women now exhibiting their beauty in dark colored lehega cholis. Blue and Maroon are most trending these days. So, girls next time you go for an important event wear a dark colored lehenga and captivate the eyes of everyone all around.
  • Simplicity is Bliss: If you are little confused over how to set lehenga chunni in latest style then I suggest you to put on simple front drape. It’s easy, simple and astounding too. This style lehenga looks stunning and ravishing on women at important events. Also it takes hardly three or four minutes to clad your lehenga in this style.
  • Nude Shade Lehengas Rock: Over the last couple of years, women are showing their relentless love for it. Several Bollywood divas are spotted wearing this type of lehengas in recent days. In big TV events, award functions or red carpet ceremony, actresses love wearing the Nude shade lehengas for their out of the box styling. These are light colored and absolutely endearing and delectable to look at.

  • Know your Pallu: Always remember that while donning a dazzling piece of Lehenga Choli make sure that your pallu style is right. Whether you put on a Straight cut Lehenga or mermaid types put on a simple front drape style to look flamboyant and wonderful. You can actually carry it well without worrying about balancing your pallu every now and then.

  • Stay away from Fabrics: It is obviously not a good idea to wear choli and blouse made up of Satin. It sticks to the body and is highly uncomfortable to wear especially if you wish to do some physical work donning the lehenga choli such as cooking or dancing. Rather, I would suggest you to pick a brocade (mix with cotton) choli for this purpose. Cotton is comfy, easy to drape in and of course looks fantastic on traditional women’s outfits.

Keep it Light & Keep It Simple

Many girls just overload themselves with heavy embellishments and jewelries at events and parties. But it makes more difficult to carry the lehenga outfit effortlessly and also spoil make-ups because of the tiredness, which clearly gets reflected on faces.

Choose light embellishment and embroidery for the outfit to look gorgeous and strikingly amazing without overloading your attire with unnecessary zari or sequin work.

 It’s also important to have minimal make up on face to let the radiance of the cloth speak the rest. A dark color lipstick – red suits most outfits ­– with a lighter shade of kohl on eyes is just enough to glam up your face. That’s it! No need to go for a bold make up and heavy accessories because Lehenga dress is in itself an attractive dress altogether.