How to Flaunt Your Beauty This Holi

Do you remember the popular Bollywood song, “Do me a favor let’s play Holi” starred Priyanka Chopra and Akshay Kumar from the film Waqt released a few years back? No doubt, you must have remembered this peepy song now.

But what catches our eyes first in regard to this song? Of course, it was the flawless white Salwar Kameez of the actress that made our hearts fly and inspired many fashionistas out there. It’s quite natural that every woman wishes to look enchanting and lovely on that day. But considering the wide variety of choices, it’s not that much simple. With just a few days before the festival of colors, it’s more difficult to make a right choice and look more ravishing than ever.

Indian garments have a charm and charisma of their own that is sure to woo mind and heart of everyone around. Obviously, you know it very well; light colored attire is all that you need to glam up your persona. Drenching in colors and happiness alongside retaining your simplicity in white or yellow clothes is a pleasure in itself.

Top 8 Essential Tips To Celebrate Holi In Indian Wardrobe


1) Western Outfits are Strict No: When you are celebrating Holi, quintessentially an Indian festival, then draping yourself in an attractive traditional costume is a pure ecstasy. These dresses are beautiful and glorious in their own respects.

2) Simple Make Up: It’s essential that you put a good amount of primer on your face on this day early morning. After Holi celebration, you should remove all colors from your face as far as possible. But avoid cosmetics on this day because it may react with colors.

3) No Dark Colored Attire: Conventionally, it’s almost accepted that women should wear white or light colored clothes during Holi. Wearing dark colors not only conceals your beauty but it’s against Indian traditions as well.

4) Flaunt Your Dupatta: I totally disagree when women say Dupatta steals away their beauty. In fact, dupatta or chunni gives you additional X-factor to make a style statement of its own. Tie your chunni around your waist with one end covering your shoulder to look little naughty and childish as you go on to enjoy Holi with your friends and loved ones.

5) Saree Rules: Nothing seems more beautiful than a woman cladding herself in Saree during Holi. You have a wide range of beautiful and stylish Sarees to choose from. The plus point of wearing saree is that no matter how much you are drenched in water or colors yet you look comfy, dignified and beautiful. Baluchori, Mysore silk or even a simple printed saree can be a good choice.

6) Quality of Cloth: Woman always wishes to enjoy the level of comforts while playing this festival. Hence, I advise every woman to make sure that you put on a proper outfit on this day. The cloth must be of finest fabrics so that it must not stick to your body or is revealing even when you are wet.

8) Kurtas Rock: Apart from heavy salwar kameez or blissful anarkali suits, you can also go with the free flow Kurtis. They can be easily worn with comfy leggings or white pants. No doubt Kurtas are widely popular festive outfits across India. It suits women of all ages across the regions.

As you girls are ready to shower in the joy of festive spirit of Holi within a few days, herewith we are wishing all you lovely and beautiful girls out there A Very Happy and Colorful Holi.