Saree & Indian Women: The Bond of Eternity

A Saree is no longer the outdated costume for women but a stylish outfit in tune with the demand and fashion need of any 21st century girl. Since time immemorial, the garment has always been admired for its everlasting beauty and charm. Women also whole heartedly showered their affection and love for this dress over the last few centuries together.

Saree has been the traditional attire that we associate with our goddess. It has travelled many pages of history and then it became the dazzling costume for our royal queens and princess. And today Saree has reached to the top echelon of fashion industry where the overwhelming love for this spectacular attire is something that’s quite visible these days.

Top 5 Trendy Sarees to Try this Season

Though Saree can be worn round the year but with the arrival of summer season, make sure that you buy the one that makes you feel relaxing and comfortable. Cotton and light fabrics are most popular in the late spring and summer season for their ease, comfort and delicate transparency. These Sarees will never make your skin feel sweaty or uncomfortable as they absorb fresh air and are skin-friendly too.

  • Benarasi Saree: Any girl would fall in love with this bridal wardrobe. Though, it costs little high but when you wish to win the hearts and flaunt your beauty then go for it. From golden embroidery on pallu or aanchal to Zari work on sides, Banarasi Saree is magnificent in itself.

  • Lucknow Chikankari: The city is known for its royal elegance and chikankari Saree adds more gleams to this capital town in Uttar Pradesh. Bright colored chikankari embroidery Saree looks absolutely ravishing on women of all ages. These Sarees are available in wide variety of colors offering you the resplendent look in each one of them.

  • Assam Silk Saree: The beauty of Assam Saree is its high quality Silk and finest craftsmanship. The attire with a matching petticoat and blouse gives you the most delicate look you ever dreamt to flaunt with.

  • Kalamkari Saree: No woman would like to burden herself with a heavy Saree. And this is just it. A Kalamkari saree, mostly available in cotton, is very rich in demand especially during summer when scorching sunlight shines at its peak. The attire is perfect for girls of all ages and weight. The intrinsic exquisiteness of the Saree will melt everyone’s heart around. You can enhance your style statement with little jewelries and dark red lipstick.

  • Kanjeevaram Sarees: Woven straight from Kanjeevaram, a city in Tamil Nadu, the Saree is hugely popular worldwide for its long lasting sheen and luster. The temple patterns reflected on the Saree look amazing on women.

What’s so Appealing about Saree

If one thing that makes Saree class apart is the associated clothes that are worn with it. Yes, blouse and petticoat are the two important add-ons without which wearing this quintessential Indian outfit is completely unimaginable. These days, transparent Sarees are quite trending. So it becomes absolute necessary that you put on a stunning petticoat and blouse every time you wish to drape yourself with this traditional Indian wardrobe.

To retain a flawless look and making a fabulous fashion statement, your blouse and petticoat must be well fitted. It should neither be too loose nor too sticky or else the joy of cladding Saree would tantamount to fashion faux pas. You can enhance your beauty in Saree adding little kohl to your eyes and also tying a stylish golden color waistband around your waist.