Top 7 Stylish Ways to Drape Scarf in Summer Season

If you think that with the arrival of summer you can’t use stylish scarf anymore then give it a rethink. Yes, dazzling scarf in light colors does wonder in summer season. You can complement it with any outfit that you wear.

Undoubtedly, scarf in winter is used extensively but somehow the beauty of woolen garments takes away all the limelight. But in summer, it’s the scarf that grabs the attention of the people first. According to fashion experts there are a lot of ways to wear a scarf when there is an excessive heat. Here are a few stylish ways to drape in scarf.

  • Boho-Chic Style: This style is extremely apt for any modern girl who wishes to reflect her cheerful spirit as she walks. It’s very simple just tie it around your neck and let the both ends of scarf hang loose unevenly.

  • Slim and Style: No matter what the nomenclature says but this scarf style is appropriate for those women who wish to look trendy round the clock while diverting the attention of the people away from weight. Just put on the scarf around your neck such a way that it hangs equally in both right and left side. Then you can tie a belt around your waist to hide those extra kilos.
  • Beulah London Style: Well, to be honest this is the style that is so close to the royal look of United Kingdom. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has often sported this scarf in her own inimitable style. You can also imitate the style simply by folding the scarf in half giving it triangle shape and then drape it simply like a shawl around your shoulders.

  • The Bow Style Scarf: It’s simple yet gorgeous. Simply place the scarf around your neck making sure that both sides hang evenly. Then attach both ends like a bow tie. Keep it close to your collar bone for extra gleam. That’s it. You can flaunt this look wherever you go.
  • Bunny Style Scarf: Believe it or not, you can actually look more adorable by draping your scarf in this style. Just fold your scarf diagonally in half to make it in triangle shape and wrap it twice around your neck. Now, join the two ends of the scarf as a knot forming the shape of little rabbit’s ears. Light color scarves such as purple, yellow, light green or white will be good choice while aping this style.
  • French Knot Scarf Style: This is one of the most popular and stylish scarf styles any girl can dream of considering the hot and humid weather all around. The method is simple, just put the scarf around the front of your neck and let the two ends of the scarf hangs behind you. Now wrap both ends around the front and tie a loose knot followed with a second tighter knot.

  • Simple Silk Style: put a long silky scarf around your neck in such a way that its two ends hang equally. Join them together with a small knot and create one long loop. Now cross the scarf to let it look like a figure-of-eight. Your silky simplicity scarf is now ready.

Scarf is an everlasting fashion add-on that you can wear round the wear irrespective of the weather. It is perfect to drape in an ultra gorgeous scarf in both summer and winter as well.