Monochrome Fashion Trends for Summer 2016

So, you are a big fan of vintage era. Those days were outstandingly gorgeous. Everything was viewed in black and white. Not so many colors and color combinations were available yet we refer that era as classy and fabulous. In fact, women look far more stunning and awesome with whatever limited fashion trends available at that time. Our vintage Bollywood actresses have always inspired a lot of Indian women across the globe with their simple sense of styling and monochromatic fashion over the years.

No we are in the 21st century. Lots of things have changed in the world of fashion. New outfits are now getting launched quite frequently these days. Fashion designers have become far more creative and imaginative. They love demonstrating their innate artistic perfection at big haute couture events or in fashion ceremonies. And now they are also designing monochromatic attires for girls.

Yes the “monochromatic era” is back. Now you can instantly order your dress in monochromatic silhouette online. And let me make it clear that a lot of big fashion brands have started launching their clothes in mono fashion this year.

Top Monochromatic Trends Exclusively for You  

  • Minimal Mono Look: Okay, it’s quite understandable. You wish to try monochromatic look without looking old-fashioned. No worry, the minimal mono look basically means you are actually putting on vintage fashion in new perspective. You can don a black and white striped top or T-shirt with a black free-flow Palazzo trouser for adopting that minimal mono look.
  • Indian Mono Look: If you take your memory to a few decades back then Bollywood’s classic films are a perfect example to the fact that vintage era was absolutely magnificent. The majestic look on the face of iconic ‘Madhubala’ in Indian mono wardrobes is something that still reverberates in our minds. In a nutshell, it can be said that be it lehenga choli combination or the royal anarkali suits, in mono colors they look as awesome as can be. You can also try dhoti saree and black blouse to see the magic of monochromatic fashion.

  • Retro Mono Look: This refers to a slight more addition of fashion essence to your mono look. A black and white (both are innately contrast to each other) attire and a royal vintage oversized handbag plus high heel shoes get you a perfect retro mono look of the early 80’s era. Wear right amount of jewelry and ornaments to look more elegant.
  • Stylish Mono Look: If you are among those fashionistas who always wish to flaunt their style then you can go for Mono stylish look. A gorgeous black and white outfit with a pair of gleaming ear rings and goggles make you look chic and beautiful. Believe me, sky is the limit when it comes to mono styling. You can add more glimmer to your persona in mono outfits by putting on light lipstick and dark black kohl on your eyes. Finally don’t miss out putting that vintage dark beauty spot just below your chin.

  • All Mono Combination: A beautiful long skirt and a black and white printed top is absolutely the most stunning attire any girl can ever dream of. This all-mono wardrobe is apt for evening parties and at informal office events. You will certainly look unique and well-groomed.