Top 8 Essential Style Tips for Curvy Girls to Follow

A curvy figure can be both good and bad. For reasons unknown, women seem to have disillusion about their curves. They mostly complain of having curve than to flaunt the same. To be honest, a body curve shows your feminine beauty to perfection. In fact, it is the dream of every woman to exhibit their body curves but they simply don’t know how to make it right.

It is true that all girls can’t have similar figure and that’s why women are known to be special. Each of them represents different shapes and body types. Similarly when it comes to dresses, you have to make the right choice to look more stunning and brilliant in your outfit.

Your curves are your best friends. So it’s important to dedicate some love and attention to them. A right wardrobe helps you perfectly flaunt your curves and feel special about them. Here are some important style tips that curvaceous girls should follow.

  1. Ornaments and Jewelleries

In order to keep the unwanted attention of the perverts and other people at bay, simply adore your wardrobe with a lot of stylish and dazzling jewelries. If you are living in India then it’s all the more beautiful.

Indian women love cladding themselves in stunning ornaments and gems round the year. So go ahead and put on bangles, waistband, bracelets, watches, maang tikka and everything stylish that you find near you.

  1. 2. Black is the best

If you are curvy, you should wear black color clothes most of the time. The color is magical. It makes you look lean, fit and fabulous too.

Black color enhances your beauty while demonstrating your appealing curves too.

3. Tunics and Jeans/ Leggings

It can be a good combination for curvy girls. You can flaunt your curves in a nice and adorable manner wearing this combo.

Considering the scorching summer and too much sunlight, it will be a good idea to put on a stylish light-weighted tunics and jeans preferably in black or dark colors when moving outside.

You can also put on comfy leggings as substitute for jeans.

4. Stripe Outfits

You can wear striped clothes to look more splendid and faultless. A striped top or crop top or sameej would be amazing curvaceous girls.


Go and put it on girls. Stripe clothes bring in the fresh and refreshing zeal inside you.

  1. 5. The Belt

To enhance the look of your stylish little waist, just accessorize your outfit with a belt. It helps you look smart and chic.

Always remember that whatever you wear, you can look effortlessly elegant and more gorgeous when you complement the same with a shiny belt.

6. Blazer

If you are running short of ideas and don’t know how to look breathtaking in tops or blouse, then don’t forget the blazer.

This is just a perfect fashion add-on that you should wear over your top. A blazer looks good with almost anything and everything.


Never forget to put on a well-fitting shapewear underneath the outfit you are wearing in. It will help you look slimmer and fit.



A shapewear also keeps you fit and in shape without affecting your look.

8. Avoid Oversized Attire

If you wish to stay away from fashion faux pas then make sure that you avoid oversized dresses all the time. They will make you look weird and dull.

I suggest you to go for more elegant dresses such as Saree or Maxidress.