Top 8 Tips to Make Cool Fashion Statements In Summer

Well, summer season is already here and affecting each of us in one way or the other. With temperature soaring day by day it is right time to pay adequate attention to what you are wearing so as to stay comfy and cool throughout the day and night. In winter, you have comparatively greater amount of liberty than summer because winter demands draping in more clothes to protect yourself from cold while summer means freedom – you should wear light clothes.


There are some strict no-no tips or advices that you must follow in summer. It is during this season skin rashes start appearing on your skin due to excessive heat and sweating, which is so common. Here I’m presenting some easy-to-follow fashion tips that you must adopt to beat the heat.


  • Love Shorts and Tee: If there is any simple costume that caters to the need of both stylish and traditional girls then it is the combo of Tee and shorts. This is such an outstanding summer combination that not only lets you stay cool but also prevents you from getting summer rashes.

  • No Synthetic Dresses: You might be a fan of those gorgeous synthetic outfits but they are strict no-no when scorching sunlight is above your head. Synthetic costumes must be avoided in summer season at any cost.

  • No Heavy Jewelries: Traditional wardrobes are incomplete without jewelries. But in summer you have to take a little precaution in this regard. Don’t over accessorize your wardrobe with too much heavy jewelry – keep it simple and light. Complement your traditional-ethnic garment with a pair of stunning danglers. Try to avoid necklace and metallic bangles throughout summer.

  • Protect Your Eyes: It is extremely important to protect your eyes during summer season. Always put on a stunning pair of UV-protected goggles whenever you move outside. This helps you stay away from the harmful rays of the sunlight.

  • Light Footwear: Enjoy putting on light sleepers and footwear in summer. Don’t go after laces, boots and heavy sandals. Keep it simple, neat and clean. A pair of light sports shoes with western wear and a pair of stunning light colored Kohlapuris with an ethnic outfit will be ideal.

  • Proper Hair Style: In summer, hair falling over your face and neck could be quite irritating so keep it short. But short hair doesn’t always go well with the traditional wardrobes; hence it would be better to adopt the bun style using bobby pin. French braid can also be a good style to flaunt with this summer. A piece of hair band can also do wonder to your tresses keeping it away from your face.

  • Khadi Outfits: These handmade outfits were until now earmarked for political class only, but slowly and slowly the quality fabric in Khadi costumes is appealing to fashion designers. They are now designing khadi fashionable attire for women. Apart from being unique and classy, the Khadi clothes are perfect to beat the heat.

  • Linen Clothes: Seriously, linen wardrobes could be astute for summer season. It absorbs the moisture and allows free movement of air underneath the dress. Indian women immensely love Linen clothes for the comfy factor.


Last but not the least, always put on loose and free size outfits as much as possible in the entire summer season. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that make you feel uncomfortable and irritating.