Why a Right Pair of Footwear is Important for Your Fashion Statement?

It is often said that, “men are known by the shoes they wear”. But to actually put these words in perspective it actually denotes that not just men but every person is known by the shoes or footwear he or she wears. One needs to complete one’s fashion statement with right footwear.

Without giving detailed attention to your shoes or sandals every fashion statement remains unfinished. And obviously when it comes to women, you just can’t keep shoes away from your style statement. It won’t be wrong to say that a women’s footwear is a gateway to her fashion sense.

A pair of dazzling footwear is not just essential to flaunt your style with but it is basically the pivot on which your entire fashion statement depends. Even if your wardrobe is astute a slight error on your part regarding your footwear could land you in deep trouble. We often see how supermodels had to deal with severe embarrassment only because of their wrong choice of shoes. Entire body depends on the shoes we wear, so it must be comfy, soft and nice to look at.

Top Footwear Brands You Must Wear

Top Footwear Brands You Must Wear

You can go for slipper with your ethnic wardrobes, but when you wish to look different and elegant then don’t forget to get a pair of dazzling pumps for yourself. Evening gowns, capes and denims look amazing on women who complement the outfit with an attractive pair of footwear.

  • Prada: Recently, this famous brand has launched its exclusive range of high heel shoes and sandals for adventurous women who love trekking and roaming across bumpy roads. 


  • Dolce & Gabana: The women pumps from this brand are amazing and astonishing. Known for its creativity and finest design, Dolce & Gabana can literally give you the feeling of a royal princess with that everlasting charm whenever you put on Dolce & Gabana footwear.
  • Roberto Cavalli: These shoes are known for their rich quality of leather. The brand is also widely popular for its other fashionable leather products. Women Pumps are available in variety of colorful leather such as green, purple, gold and black. Roberto Cavalli’s footwear collections always garner hug attention worldwide for simple yet astounding design.

Brief History of Pumps

Brief History of Pumps

These days, the word ‘Pumps’ has penetrated deep into fashion glossary. But its origin is extremely riveting taking us back to the days of Second World War. It was the painstaking effort of a humbled shoe designer Roger Vivier who designed a three-inch heel women shoe while working for Christian Dior in 1954. And since then the designer shoes for women or simply Pumps are getting constant fashion spotlight. In fact, ‘Pumps’ is now an umbrella term that denotes all kinds of women footwear and other styling sandals for women.

Pumps are reinventing continuously by shoe designers and leading fashion brands on a frequent basis. In the initial days, Pumps were mostly buckle less or without laces. But with inclusion of better technology, designs and art, the Pumps are now too diverse to explain. The word itself has become synonymous with latest trends in women’s footwear design across the globe.