How To Flaunt Your Flaunt Your Beach Fashion in Holidays

How To Flaunt Your Flaunt Your Beach Fashion in Holidays

Sometime our heart wants to go beyond what we do in our daily life. And obviously, the attire we wear has a lot to do with it. A costume sets our mood that’s why we clad our outfits depending upon moods and occasion. Glitzy bridal wardrobe for girls looks too good when a big event is round the corner but when beach vacation is on your mind then beach wear is the best choice.

If you are planning to go near a beach to rejuvenate yourself then try adopting the bohemian beach style. You will certainly feel much more adventurous and refreshed. Some popular beach cities around the world are Barcelona, Cape Town, Miami, Sydney, California and others. When it comes to India, you can visit Aksa Beach, Vasco and Madgaon beach (Goa), Karaikal Beach (Pondicherry) and several others.

Unleash all your hidden inhibitions and enjoy a perfect beach holiday flaunting your beach fashion or the diva avatar. This is much needed to get a break from the shackles of routine lifestyle. This time, do something which you didn’t try before. If sand dunes and sea beckons you and exhilarate your mind and soul then go for a beach holiday this summer.

Enhance Your Beauty in Beach Wear

1) Goggles:

If you wish to spend a day near a beach, then get ready soak yourself all day under sweaty sunlight. Though, it sounds pretty simple now, but when you actually visit a beach the harmful sunlight could affect your eyes. So put on a pair of stylish goggles every time you wish to reinvigorate yourself in beachwear.

2) Beach Footwear: There is a slight difference between the choice of shoes or sandals that you wear there. Some women don’t like the sand getting stick to leg fingers. If you are one of them then just go for the boots. It doesn’t matter whether you are draping in a sexy bikini or a short and tee; boots look good anytime and anywhere for their ever charming appearance and dark leathers. And if you are free-spirited one then go for a pair of simple slippers.

3) Proper Fashion Accessories: Many prefer not to wear fashion add-ons on their beach holidays; but I would rather suggest you to pick some eccentric pieces of accessories to look extra chic and ultra glamorous. A stylish bracelet and anklet could be good to flaunt your style with on beach side.

4) Stylish Hat:

Beach fashion incomplete without hat or bonnet whatever you call it. A stylish bonnet on your head not only protects you from scorching sunlight but also glam up your persona while keeping your hair protected from getting dried out as well. A stylish bonnet will complement the same and let you look far more fabulous and fantastic than U imagine.

5) Beach Outfits:

Bikini and swimsuit might be most popular beach outfits but you can also try something more elegant yet sexier. Just put on a bikini as you normally do but wear a stunning piece of transparent kaftans or gown over it to look more feminine and stunning. You can also choose a tee and short to enjoy the day near a beach.


Some Essential Precautions for Beach Holidays

1) Heavy Makeup at beach is strict no-no.

2) Don’t overdress yourself at beach because scorching sunlight will make you feel more uncomfortable.

3) Always keep a kaftan or gown as cover up to wear over your bikini.

4) If you don’t know swimming then avoid going near to water.

5) Always keep an umbrella on beach spot to stay safe from sunlight.