How to Revamp Yourself in Vintage Fashion

Some time we get so much bored with the styling of present days that we wish to go back to 70s era and clad ourselves in vintage costumes. Yes, the everlasting charm of those garments continues in perpetuity. Even after so many decades, a lot of women still wish to get that retro look on their faces. Retro fashion is sublime and exhilarating in its own respect. You can’t compare it to modern fashion because these days we have more options of costume and fashionable accessories unlike the past.

Retro fashion has its own enigma and elegance. You can’t ignore this fact. Enough with all the glamorous outfits that are available today, let’s unleash yourself into the world of retro era and I promise it feels damn so ecstatic and classy. Ethnic wardrobes such as Lehenga Chunni or Salwar Kameez, help you revamping yourself in retro fashion, and it is indeed a spectacular feeling.

Top 5 Retro Fashion Styles to Look Beautiful and Adorable

  • Classic Jumpsuits: If you could take your memories to few years back then you must be remembering how the ABBA jumpsuit made headlines those days with frilled bottoms and Bell sleeves. Though, the origin of such Jumpsuit belongs to Scotland but these retro jumpsuits are widely popular across the globe.

Classic Jumpsuits

  • Hippie Look: This fashion style was quite popular in the 70s and 80s era. Thanks to Bollywood that so many actresses have started new trends of donning the Hippie look with Indian essence. Printed Kurtis or Sameez with breezy Palazzos forms the core of Indian-Hippie fashion.

Hippie Look

  • Disco Attire: If you could actually remember the 70s party outfit, then bell sleeved skater with a long boots was quite famous during those days. With the returning of boho outfits in recent times, the bell sleeved skater dresscan also be a perfect disco attire to get that retro look and enjoy your party. Make sure that the length of the shoes is up to your knee.

  • Black and White Polka Dots: There is no doubt that colorful Polka dots are trending now, but if you wish to flaunt retro fashion then you must go for monochromatic polka dots or the black and white ones. They were huge hit some thirty-forty years back and I can guarantee that such Polka dots outfits will still grab enough attention if you don these outfits today.

  • Retro Hair Fashion: Every time the fashion sense or style statement of 70s era comes before my eyes, I really become nostalgic. Those days were blissful and amazing. Indian cinema was evolving during those days yet Indian actresses preferred minimal styling which later became the trend. Particularly, the widely popular Bollywood bun was indeed spectacular hair-do.

  • Ghungat or Veil Fashion: Those shyness in eyes followed with astute ghungat or veil style over head makes 70s era truly awesome. Though ghungat culture is still popular in our country, but we hardly see it in our day to day life. If you wish to retain that eternal retro appeal on your face then complement your look with a ghungat and mystique smile on your lips. You not only look beautiful and adorable but vibrant in traditional avatar too.

Ghungat or Veil Fashion

Obviously, retro fashion is vivacious and vibrant. It looks awesome on all women. What are you waiting for? Get your retro look today as per what given above.