How to Glam-Up Your Fashion Quotient for Big Events

Before big parties and events, we often get confused about what to wear and what not to wear. Eventually, we fail to drape the appropriate attire resulting in fashion faux pas and people go on to claim that we lack fashion sense.

 Similar dilemma comes before us when we go on to attend a job interview and a slight mistake on our part leads to our immediate rejection from the job. Yes, smartness and presentation do matter and it is necessary to make sure that your first impression is good and stunning.

The attire you are wearing in must match with the mood of the event you are attending to. So, it is important that you are not only carrying your outfit well but also making a right fashion statement. Though, a top and skirt is a good official combo for demonstrating your smartness and oomph factor, but you can also try some more Indian costumes to surprise the people around you.

The primary fact we should remember about our dressing sense is to acknowledge in which outfit we look best and feel comfy inside. There is no need to go for heavy
dresses in summer unless the event demands so. Also remember that more the outfit is simple, very little make up you need to put on.

Perfect Dress for Big Event and Occassion

There are so many women business leaders around us and what makes them stunning is their impeccable sense of styling. They never fail to make the right impression every time. The same goes with our celebrities too. Our sportswomen and actresses always dress well at every event.

While most of them hire fashion designers to look after their dressing style, you can actually glam up your diva avatar in simple Indian costumes too at big events. But always choose the right outfit depending upon the season. For example; a blazer over your top always goes right when it is winter and cotton is always right fabric to wear when it is summer.

For official events, traditional suit-tie combination with a full pant and shirt is a good option. While wearing such an outfit always make the right choice for your footwear. It must complete your fashion quotient with a pair of high heel shoes.

Official Garment for summer

Considering the irritating sunlight all over, keep minimal make up on your face and put on a good light-weighted costume. You can put on a light jacket in case you are
going for an official meeting inside an Air-conditioned room.

Cotton Salwar Sameez and Saree can also be a good traditional wardrobe to wear in India and in many other countries as well. Honestly speaking, now many of the
countries have accepted Saree and Salwar Kameez as their official costume for women.

So, next time if you are attending a big seminar or participating at a big event at home just glam up your diva avatar in whatever outfit you are feeling comfortable while considering the weather and climate. For girls, Cotton fabric Salwar suit or cotton skirt can be an ideal option to look stunning and radiant at the same time in summer. A mini skirt and tee is also a good combination for the entire season. The skirt-tee combo lets you feel comfy and stylish while giving you that celebrity look.