Fusion Fashion: The Flavour of the Season

The one thing that is unique about western wardrobes is the innovation with which they are woven into. Take any western garment and it’s certain to mesmerise any Fashionista world around. Now imagine the same western attire is blend with the ethnic touch – obviously you will look far more stunning and spectacular.

For ladies, fashion is the buzzword. It is as much related to them just as how we associate moustache and beard to men. Frankly speaking it won’t be wrong to say that fashion is an integral element to a woman’s lifestyle anywhere in the world. It’s the hidden desire of any women to look forever young and beautiful. Fashion is that magical wizard that helps her achieve so.

Being an umbrella term, fashion involves every possible aspect to look more beautiful and glamorous than ever. You can start from hair, face and finally to a garment you wear. Certainly, it needs to be highlighted here that if your garment is perfect you are already a successful fashionista.  In India, ethnic fashion is widely popular for its enchanting magnificence. You can add more gleam to it by adopting fusion fashion. Have a look at these outfits;

  1. Crop Top with Collar: Of late, this fashion has evolved but is gaining lots of admirations and praises for its intrinsic beauty. It is the outfit that has long lasting magnificence and charm. You are certain to look glamorous and like a pretty diva.

  2. Gown with Collar: This dress is stunning and sparkling among the rest when it comes to fusion fashion. The long gowns with various ethnic prints on them or even in monochromatic colors look absolutely amazing on every woman. It’s a perfect way to drape both the western and ethnic elements in single attire.

  3. Terra Gown or Skirt: It is one of the most overlooked party outfits in India. While women don various types of attires they often fail to notice the beauty of a Terra Skirt. It’s formal, beautiful and astonishing. You can definitely try a pair of long black boots with this fusion cloth to flaunt your style statement in toto.

  4.  The Lace Fashion: These days, lace fashion is trending. Now more and more women donning their outfits with stylish laces. These attires make you look younger and leaner depicting your flamboyant figure in an stylish manner.

  5. Check Design: Since last year check design is captivating hearts all around. The most stunning fact of checks is flexibility. You can don various ethnic outfits with Check designs over them or you can also drape a shirt or gown with checks. Either way, you will look gorgeous for sure.

  6. Off Shoulder Dress: Be it a gown or frock, off shoulder outfits are certainly dazzling and appealing too. It is the most perfect costume to show your beauty without looking weird or over smart.

  7. Ethnic Skirt and Crop Top: If you wish to look lovely and stunning, this is just the perfect attire that you should repeatedly wear. By donning an ethnic skirt with sequin and zari or resham work and a sexy crop top you will present yourself in the most glamorous way and also embrace the international fashion trends that Hollywood and Bollywood divas wear these days.

When you are demonstrating fusion fashion make sure you are also carrying a piece of attractive Dupatta wherever possible. Chunris are known for their elegance and grace. When you put a stylish Dupatta with a crop top or lace dress you will certainly hog the limelight of the people all around you.