Few Stunning Office Outfits Ideas for Women

Every girl wishes to make the best out of her fashion statement in office. But often due to hurry or heavy office works, we make wrong choices of attire and go to office wearing same monotonous dresses. Obviously, it seems so lackluster to keep putting on similar costumes day in and day out at office.

When there is a prescribed office dress code, then obviously you don’t have much option but to go with the office guidelines. But if your office hasn’t prescribed any dress code, then you have the liberty to wear whatever you can provided it makes sense and looks good.

Official outfits include a wide variety of dresses such as Denims, Full-Pant and Shirt, Salwar Kameez or even the widely popular Skirt-Blouse. Usually, official dresses for women remain same across worldwide. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, but when it comes to official attire for women, these dresses rock.

How to Look Stunning In Your Official Wardrobe?

Shirt and Jeans: The craze for half sleeve or full sleeve shirt with denim or jeans is not over yet. The outfit ensemble is hugely popular for the comfort it adds to the outfit. Considering summer season, this dress is the most appropriate one as office wardrobe.

Salwar Kameez: In parts of South Asia, Salwar Kameez or Kurti-denim combination works well for official purposes. They not just makes you look smart but also transform you into a stylish diva. In India, Salwar Kameez or Kurti-Jeans is often considered to be the staple official wardrobe for women.

Maxi Skirts: In the last few decades, Maxi skirts have also gained considerable prominence for its beautiful appearance. However, the dress still needs a few more years in India when it will be counted amongst the official women’s attire. But you can definitely flaunt your maxi skirt at office parties and events.

Top and Blazer: Well, this one is a really good combo. Putting on your top and full pant with a blazer gives you an amazing corporate lady look. It also lets you look beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Stylish Saree: Considered to be bit too traditional, yet Saree, is still the heart of every Indian woman. It suits both young and old women. Also, the outfit has an emotional connection with Indian women – they never mind wearing it round the year for various purposes. Saree is already accepted as an official costume for women in India after Salwar-Suit.

What is Strict No-No in Office Fashion?

When there is no dress code prescribed, you can drape any wardrobe of your choice. But there is a code of conduct you have to always follow at office;


    • Wearing sexy outfits at office like bikini, mini-skirts or half pants is strictly prohibited.



    • A wrist watch is fashion essential for women in office. Don’t miss it ever.



    • Don’t go to office with smoky eye-make up. Keep it simple with a stroke of eye liner and kohl only.



    • Always prefer light shade of lipstick when you are in office. It gives you an elegant and sober look. Dark lipstick in office doesn’t sound good.



  • Pay special attention to your footwear. Avoid high heel shoes that makes you uncomfortable to walk rather go with simple shoes or sandals.