How To Look Flawless This Onam

Onam is one of the nation’s most famous festivals celebrated across states with full fervor and gaiety. This year, the festival will be celebrated in the month of September. Especially, in the Southern states of India, the festival presents a breathtaking aura. If ever you visit India’s southern states you will be surprised with Onam fashion that women flaunt during the festival.

The blissful traditional boat races take place during Onam and not to forget how houses are decorated with beautiful and refreshing flowers. Everything in Onam looks so awesome. But, you can’t take the glamour element away from it. In Kerala, women wear beautiful classic wardrobes and put on rejuvenating flowers on their hair making the tresses look absolutely resplendent.

The wardrobe staples for both men and women are mund or cotton long skirts and Kasavu Sarees made up of pure cotton having golden brocade on borders. Usually, white or cream sarees with golden borders are the women women’s first choice. Blouse can be both sleeveless and with-sleeves. The same is now embroidered with lots of sequin, zari work and other accessories. Pallus are as usual attractive with varied prints and color combination.

Kasavu Saree looks best with golden dupatta and silk top or blouse. You can also add a new dimension to your Onam fashion with contrast coloured blouses. In one word, the saree looks splendid with its thick golden lining on the sides and a well-designed blouse that only enhances your beauty further.

Few Essential Styling Tips for Onam

  • Jewelries and Ornaments: With Onam festival round the corner, do your shopping in advance. I would suggest you to ape the look of beautiful south Indian actresses. Yes, you got it right – beautiful big earrings, bangles and fresh flowers on hair are awesome combination.

  • Hairstyle: Always try to have a bun before you go out to celebrate Onam in its true flavor. Free hair looks effortless but its strict no-no during this season when humidity is at its peak. Managing free hair can be really tough when you are on festive mood and guests are arriving in your house in large numbers.

  • Drape it Right: Draping your wardrobe right is the priority during the festival. All you have to do is to look classy and traditional at the same time Hence drape your saree in traditional manner and get that fabulous look.

  • Preferred Color: The Onam festival is all about sharing happiness and welcoming the blessings of god. Hence color of your outfit is an important factor. For women, red blouse with white and off-white or crème colored saree (having golden borders) works best.

  • Old Dress: Discard your old outfits and ornaments this season. It acts as a harbinger of positivity and optimism. So, I request every woman to discard off all your old clothes symbolizing the removal of negative energies. And don’t forget to buy as many new dresses and ornaments as you can.

  • Necklace: Theme of the festival is gold; hence putting on a golden necklace on your neck looks really amazing. The glaze of the gold and your traditional outfit sounds great for this grand festival, hence you can complete your look with a saree, big earrings, bangles and necklace.

Just follow these tips as given above and get a fabulous look this Onam.