How to Look Tall and Slim In Indian Sarees?

It is the secret desire of all women to wear Saree in right manner again and again, especially if any traditional or big event is round the corner. And if the style of saree clicks, then it’s a sheer joy of life. Women look best in Saree. It is one outfit that is world famous for its varied prints, fabrics and styling – the most versatile wardrobe ever. Even women living outside India also wear saree at special occasions.

But it has its own limitations too. The intrinsic problem that comes with every Saree is its revealing nature which can be its special feature as well as demerit as well. If you are a petite girl having slender figure then there is no doubt that you will love flaunting your saree again and again while displaying your super gorgeous figure at the same time.

For overweight girls wearing Saree becomes difficult sometime. They find it extremely difficult to hide their curves in this traditional Indian wardrobe. However, there is no need to panic. Due to hectic life schedule and daily stress we often gain weight without our knowledge.

But, if you know how to wear it right – you don’t have any problem to exhibit your beauty in Saree – you can definitely hide your actual figure.

Super Helpful Tips to Look Tall And Lean in Saree;

    • Blouse: To look good and stylish, your blouse should be stunning too. I suggest you to go for long sleeved blouses having amazing prints and designs on them. It not only helps you look slim and trim but elegant as well. A long sleeved blouse is just perfect to hide your extra fats when you pair it up with an amazing saree.

    • Color Combination: Many think that colors don’t matter as much as the outfit does. But let me make it clear that if you wish to look slender and svelte then go for dark colors. Yes, many curvy girls choose dark colored sarees such as black, dark green and purple to look lean and tall.

    • Drape it Right: Putting on a gorgeous Saree in its right style matters a lot. Even if you are fat it doesn’t give you liberty to style yourself in half-hazard manner – no excuse. Every time you wear a Saree, put it in style. Obviously, you can choose any way you want it be it Gujarati, Bengali or even Marathi, but do it sincerely.

    • Borders on Saree: To create that luscious slender figure in Saree is no rocket science. Make sure that your Saree borders are absolutely correct. If you are bulky and short go with Sarees having narrow borders. It lets you look spectacular and tall. Also your Saree ensemble must have a matching blouse and petticoat as well.

  • Right Prints and Fabric: If you are conscious about your shape and wish to look gorgeous, then go with extra light weight fabrics such as Crepe, Chiffon and etc. These fabrics are as light as feather and usually sticks to your body – offering you a petite look that you wish to flaunt with. Cotton is strict no-no for fatty woman. After deciding the right fabrics, then go with lighter prints and minimal embroidery works. Smaller polka dots and prints make you look slim and tall as well.

Always remember that Saree is the best wardrobe for woman across the globe.