How to Perfectly Arrange Your Long Ethnic Wardrobes

With festive season just a couple of months away, you must be on shopping spree these days. Arranging traditional wardrobes methodically inside the cupboard is a tough task unless you know the technique.

While buying new clothes, two questions come to the fore. First one is to analyze how to keep the new wardrobes properly in place and the second one is to find the right retailer from whom we can buy garments and other fashion accessories at their best buy price. Well, if you are really serious about buying traditional, ethnic or modern wardrobes at the most compelling price, then you must shop from Ftrendy store. 

With the wardrobes reaching your doorstep just within a few days after booking your order on the site, you will now have to arrange the outfits methodically and systematically to keep them neat, well-pressed and tidy. No doubt, it is a big task arranging the dresses in organized manner especially concerning the heavy embroidery works on the attires.

Tips for Hassle-Free Arrangement of Festive Wardrobes

  • Lehenga Chunni and Vivacious Kurtis: Be it the auspicious Eid occasion or the gala Ganesh Chaturthi or any other traditional event, draping Kurtis or Lehenga Chubnni has its own elegance. But unless you arrange them properly it looks dull when you really wish to put on the same during a particular festival. So, always remember to use hangers for long lehengas and keep your Kurtis on the shelves.

  • Three-Piece Outfit: Saree, quintessentially the Indian wardrobe, has continued to remain the women’s staple outfit over the years. The dress ensemble comes in three parts; Blouse, Saree and Petticoat. Always try to wear your saree with matching blouse and petticoat. Keep your Saree in hangers to keep it clean and free of any dirt and scratch.

  • Saree Bags: In case you are a big fan of variety of Sarees, then get a new Saree bag for yourself. It stores around 10-12 pieces of Sarees and keep them crease-free. It keeps your cupboard free from extra rush. You can buy it online at a nominal price tag. You can also do a trick by keeping your favorite Sarees inside the bag while letting your regular-use Sarees hang on cupboard hangers.

  • Salwar Suits: These days, ankle length A-cut Salwar Kameez and Anarkali Suits are trending. Though, buying and wearing them looks simple but you have to take extra caution while arranging them inside your cupboard. Ideally, fold your Salwar and suit in two or three equal parts and then put them inside the shelves. Salwar should be wrapped up inside the layer of your Kurti or Sameez. For Dupatta, use cupboard hangers but put on matching dupatta with your salwar suit. Don’t mix and match one with another unless they are having versatile prints and thick texture.

  • Miscellaneous Items: Also there are several miscellaneous items that we use in our daily life. Keeping them at proper place also becomes extremely important. Hence I suggest you to choose a separate shelf or drawer to keep all your miscellaneous stuffs such as the undies, Belts, Brassiers and hankies. For jewelries and ornaments I suggest you to keep them inside a special drawer with password locked facility.

Thus Indian outfits are not that much troubling as they seem to be, we can surely keep them well organized inside cupboard or bags with a little more love and care.