How to style yourself in statement sleeves this summer !

A beautifully styled voluminous sleeve can add a distinctive flair to your spring-summer wardrobe. With a statement sleeve in your dress or your top, you can very easily pull off a stylish look. With big and bold to the finer details, any attire with statement sleeves is an amusing way to break up the monotony of the spring/summer wardrobe collection like top and jeans and add that flavour and drama to your look.


Statement sleeves can be very feminine on one hand while they can be edgy on the other. With plenty of different ways to wear them, you can definitely add a touch of your personal style by choosing the items which you wish to pair them with. Although there are many different types of statement sleeves, like sheer sleeves, puff sleeves, ruffled sleeves, and off shoulder sleeves, to name a few. In this article, we’ll cover different ways to style this beautiful and dramatic trend.



Puff sleeves are definitely stirring up the style scene this year as they are the best piece to move from winter to spring. Because of their 80’s vibe, they offer many easy and fashionable styling options.

Puff sleeves were in trend in 2019, and 2020 will surely be bigger for the elevating puffy sleeves. Pairing these kinda sleeves is easy, you can go edgy wearing a pair of black jeans and boots, or add a feminine touch by tucking a puff sleeved top it into a tight floral skirt. One very flattering way to wear this trend is to keep the bottom half of your outfit very form-fitting, or you may appear like the puffs are swallowing you up.


 Saks Fifth Avenue Jacquard Puff Sleeve Top



         Gucci Puff Sleeve Jacket


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When you are getting a hold of this type of statement sleeves start with FTrendy’s dandelion keyhole top which gives you so many different ways to style this item.


 These are one very versatile statement sleeves. You can easily pair them with jeans or your tight fitting trousers to look the sexy you! You can go for the classic look this spring by wearing your ruffled sleeve top with a pencil skirt.

Emporio Armani Dress With Ruffled Sleeves

Gucci Ruffle Sleeve Dress

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Ruffled sleeve dresses look amazing just like the dandelion ruffle dress from FTrendy which can amp your style quotient



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 Blouses with smaller ruffles on the sleeves work great for a day outing or a dinner date to increase some temperature. As ruffled sleeves draw attention to your arms and hands, it can be the perfect excuse for you to accessorise with your favourite bracelets and rings as well.



 A romantic blouse or a dress can become even more eye catchy with sheer sleeves. Yes! The sheer sleeves are sexy and chic at the same time.

Don’t hold back in getting that attention when you make a fashionable entry in sheer sleeves top or dresses.You can wear a sheer sleeve top with a high waisted pant or skirt and look the fabulous you!

Wear your high cut runner shorts with a sheer sleeve top to feel more feminine and to add a little more fun!


   Gucci Sheer Sleeved Top


 Kate Spade Sheer Short Sleeve Top

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Don’t be less obsessed with this sheer sleeves trend as they can make great for a going out shirt or top. Look nothing less than a work of art and have a look at FTrendy’s Coral Sheer Sleeves top which can make you look fabulous day or night!


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Summer is making a huge scream outside and if you think you will wear your old and regular full sleeves, then its time to look at the new sensation in statement sleeves ; slit sleeves. The slit sleeves will nit only keep you cool in that scorching heat of the summer sun but will make you look super trendy and super stylish. This kinda statement sleeve is open from the shoulder till the wrist, while in many of the designs, you would find them half way open or open from the arm hole that also gives a blazer or a coat kind of illusion. Many women are already in love with this sleeve slit design and you will soon find yourself drooling over them. You can wear this sleeve with your office trousers keeping the shirt tucked inside or wear it as a casual wear.

Bec & Bridge Rosewood Dress



 Armani Slit Sleeve Dress


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When you want to put your hands on a slit sleeve top then nothing works better for your wardrobe than the FTrendy Almond Slit Sleeves top that takes your glamour to another level.


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 Pick a dress or a top that has statement sleeves and be ready to rock the fashion scene this spring/summer. With the drama and beauty they exude the beautifully made statement sleeves are a trend that every women should follow. So do not get confused or don’t hold back in buying beautiful pieces that have sheer sleeves or slit sleeves, bell sleeves or ruffled sleeves as they are fun to wear and fun to pair with your trendiest jeans or trousers, pair them with your pencil skirt and high heels to look like a diva all ready for a ramp walk!