The Ruffle Trend In Dresses is Here to Stay!

When we look at the fashion trends since past few years, we see that ruffles have definitely maintained their superiority on the runways and its time to brace yourself to see it as one of the hottest trends of this spring/summer season too.

Read further to discover how to shop and wear this amazing trend in your dresses.

The elegance of ruffles is such, that they can beautify almost every item you can think of, when looking for ruffled tops they have the capability to become a great casual or office wear. It might surprise you, but ruffles aren’t only on tops and dresses but also on your swimwear like your bikini or your monokini. Wear dresses with ruffles on the sleeves or on the hem and be ready to grab some …well! Not some but many compliments!

Even on the fashion runway ruffles can be seen adorning many off-the-shoulder necklines; covering hemlines, sleeves, and even pant legs. While it cannot be denied that after you wear your ruffled dress you would be wanting to shake your ruffles on the dance floor, but don’t you forget that ruffles are hopelessly romantic too, you and your ruffled dress can equate love with romantic meaningful poems and full of heart prose.

Ruffles bring out the summer sun just like when your girl gang text you to go to the beach every Saturday morning. Ruffles on our dresses have transformed our sidewalks into a ramp walks and trust me they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


How to style your ruffled dress?

Super Ruffled Sleeves:

When you are wearing a dress the huge ruffles on the sleeves can definitely be eye catching, make sure that your dress with ruffles on sleeves is properly in tune with your large earrings and high heeled shoes.




Gucci Ruffled Silk Georgette Hibiscus Red Dress


Plunging Neckline with Ruffles + Ruffled Shoulders:

The plunging neckline will give the most sensuous look so do not wear any necklace as the attention should be on the ruffles of your neck. The ruffles on shoulders are enough to compliment the dress so just wear a watch or a minimal bracelet. If it is a long dress then wear your slip on and complete the look.

Adriana Degreas Silk Ruffle Dress

 V Neckline with Ruffles on Shoulders and Hem:

Brighten up your summers a little more when you wear a short and sweet dress with ruffles on the hem & shoulders. You will be all set to twirl so wear it with your high heels. To make it a bit casual wear this dress with your sneakers and lend a casual appearance with a girl next door vibe. 

FTrendy Dandelion Ruffle Dress


 A Ruffled Dress Can be Worn Anytime

It will definitely be a summer of ruffles so make your ruffled dress :

A cocktail dress

Your wardrobe possibilities would be endless with a ruffled dress. But you can don a dress with ruffles on sleeves as well as on the neck and make it festive. When going for shades in pinks or dandelion just like the dress shown below from FTrendy, your look would be effortlessly flawless and add a youthful femininity to your cocktail look.


  FTrendy Coral Ruffle Dress

 A day dress:

Make a ruffled dress as your day dress just like the one shown below! Go for pastels…braid your hair…carry your favourite sling and look stylish in every way. In your ruffled dress you will look like an absolute breath of fresh air which is a look everyone craves for in hot summers.


Prada Ruffled Dress:


The ruffles on the dress trend, is all about modern and feminine looks! From Gucci to Prada, from Ftrendy to Marc Jacobs the ruffles on the dresses are surely dominating and when you shop your dress flowing with this trend, you can surely imagine a powerful look this spring/summer season.