Affiliate Program

Ftrendy Partner Program

Recommend Ftrendy products and earn with every order.


  • Commission : Above-average payout of 10% for each sale.
  • Special rates for top sellers : Individual commissions are possible.
  • Promotions : Regular packages for customers and publishers.
  • Vouchers : Exclusive voucher codes available.
  • Individual solutions : We are happy to design custom creatives and newsletter templates on request.
  • Support : Quick and personal support from Ftrendy affiliate team.


How does the Affiliate Program work?

Mr. Sharma(In this case YOU) owns the website "" and would like to market it. He then registers with an affiliate network and becomes a PARTNER/AFFILIATE. From a selection of product information (data feed), advertising media and special promotions, Mr. Sharma decides to integrate a Ftrendy banner on his website. Ms. Bhatt  is sitting at home in front of her computer and surfs on the Internet, when she randomly ends up on the website “”. The proposed banner awakens her interest and she clicks on the banner. She is directed to the Ftrendy online shop and decides to make a purchase. The Partner/Affiliate therefore receives a commission on the purchase she has made.

Ms. Bhatt (costumer) buys a cardigan at for Rs. 3000, Mr. Kapoor (Partner/Affiliate, YOU) will receive a 10% commission, which means Rs. 300.


How can I participate?

Apply for the Ftrendy partner program by dropping a mail to us on

We will then review your application and accept you on to our program.

Choose from our wide selection of attractive advertising media and select the best ones suitable for you and integrate it onto your website. The Ftrendy affiliate team is happy to assist you.

Making money is no longer an obstacle.


Eligibility Criteria

Minimum monthly traffic/visits should be 50,000.

It should be a relevant Website.

Site should not contain any porn/illegal content.