Ftrendy Rewards

Ftrendy Rewards

Welcome to a world of rewards and privileges with our new referral & loyalty program. Shopping with Ftrendy is now all the more exciting and fun!


Shop & Earn Reward Points`

  • Classic Members earn 2% of Order Value.
  • Platinum Members earn 4% of Order Value.
  • Participate in 2x Reward and Bonus Point Campaigns.
  • Accumulate points to get surprise rewards

Refer & Earn Reward Points

  • Invite your friends to shop on
  • Earn 100 points for every successful referral.



  • Classic Benefits

Become A Platinum Member

Place orders with a total value of Rs.7500 within 6 months of your first order.


Earn 2% of your order value in points

Get 2x Reward and Bonus Point campaigns

Collect points to redeem from the Rewards Catalog

Referral Rewards: Get 100 points for every friend on their first successful order


  • Platinum Benefits

Stay A Platinum Member

Place orders worth Rs.7500 every 6 months since you become a platinum member.



Earn 2x: 4% of your order value in points

Shipping, COD and Giftwrap charges waived off

Exclusive Brand & Category Promotions

First Access to New Arrivals and Sale Previews

Referral Rewards: Get 100 points for every friend on their first successful order

and many more to come....

1 point=1 Rupee

You can use the earned points to shop on Ftrendy or pick up something from our Rewards Catalog.


Introduction & Enrolment

  • What is Ftrendy Rewards all about?

Ftrendy Rewards is a referral and loyalty program, which rewards you for shopping and inviting your friends to shop on Ftrendy. The more you shop and the more friends you get to Ftrendy, the more you earn in reward points. These reward points can then be redeemed on the Rewards Catalog or converted to Ftrendy Credits.


  • How do I become a member of Ftrendy Rewards?

It’s very simple. Signup for an account with and verify your email id and mobile number.


  • If I already have an account, am I a member of Ftrendy Rewards?

Yes, if you have signed up with before 6th Jan 2014, you are a member already! However, you need to visit the My Account section and verify your mobile number with Ftrendy to start earning points.


  • What are the benefits of Ftrendy Rewards?

As a member you earn points for all your purchases and enjoy benefits such as access to special category and brand promotions, priority service from customer care, refund via points for shipping, Gift Wrap and COD charges, and referral points for inviting your friends to Ftrendy.


You can redeem the earned points through the Rewards Catalog or convert these points to Ftrendy Credits, which can be used to make a purchase on Ftrendy.


Membership & tiers

  • What are the tier levels?

The Ftrendy Reward program has two tiers - Classic and Platinum. You start as a Classic member and as you shop more you can upgrade to the Platinum tier.


  • How can I become a Platinum member?

Place orders with a total value of Rs.7500 within 6 months of your first order. Once the points of your qualifying order get confirmed, your membership status will be upgraded to platinum in next 24 hours. For example, if you place your first order worth Rs.5000 on Feb 1st, 2014 and the next order worth Rs 2500 on June 8, 2014, your waiting points for this order will be confirmed by July 18, 2014 (unless you cancel/return a part of the order) and by July 19th, 2014 your status will be upgraded to Platinum.


  • Once I get upgraded, Will I always have Platinum Status?

Once you become a Platinum member, your status will remain so for next six months. After that, we shall review your status.


  • I have placed orders above Rs. 7500 in the last 6 months. Why am I not given Platinum status?

The program considers all orders placed on or after 6th Jan 2014.


  • I am a Platinum customer, then why am I being charged for COD / Gift wrapping / Shipping?

As a Platinum member, the COD / Gift wrapping / Shipping charges that we have taken from you while placing the order will be refunded back to you in the form of Ftrendy Reward points. You can find these in My account when you are signed in.

Points info

  • How do I earn points?

Loyalty Points

Classic members earn 2% and Platinum members earn 4% of their order value as Reward Points. For example, on a purchase of Rs. 1000, Classic members earn 20 points and Platinum members earn 40 points.

Besides the base points, there will be opportunities to earn additional points.

ü  Reward Multiplier Campaign: For example, a ‘2x Rewards on Nike’ Campaign would give Classic members 4% of their Nike product order value and Platinum members 8% of their Nike product order value in points. That is, on Nike Shoes worth Rs. 1000, Classic members earn 40 points and Platinum members earn 80 points.

ü  Bonus Point Campaign: For example, a ‘100 Bonus Points on Apparel’ Campaign would give both Classic and Platinum members 100 additional points for their purchase from the Apparel Category. That is, on an Apparel purchase of Rs. 1000, Classic members earn a total of 120 points (20 base points and 100 bonus points) and Platinum members get 140 points (40 base points and 100 bonus points).

Also, if you’re a Platinum member, your Shipping, Gift Wrap and COD charges will be refunded as points directly to your account.

Referral Points

From ‘My Account’, you can visit Ftrendy Rewards section and invite your friends to shop on Ftrendy by importing your email address book or posting your personal referral link on your Facebook or Twitter wall. Anyone who clicks on that email or your link and then places an order with Ftrendy will be counted as your referral.

Once this user places an order, the referral points will be added to your account as ‘waiting points’ within 24 hours. These points become redeemable in 40 days unless your friend cancels / returns the order. You’ll get an email confirmation once you get waiting points and also when the points become redeemable.

Please note that only new registrants on Ftrendy will be counted as referrals. If your friend is already registered with Ftrendy, you will not get any referral points.

  • I am trying to import my Address Book, but not able to do so. Why?

You need to allow pop-ups in your browser for the address book import.

  • What are my points worth?

You can convert 500 points into Ftrendy Credits worth Rs. 500 and use them for shopping on Ftrendy. So in effect, 1 point=1 rupee.

What are waiting points?

Once you or the friend whom you had referred places an order on Ftrendy, you are issued waiting points. Waiting points are issued within 24 hours of placing the order and you will get an email when you get these points. These points become redeemable 40 days after the order. Waiting points may not convert to redeemable points in case you or your friend cancels or returns the order.

If 40 days have passed, and your points are still showing as ‘waiting’, it is possible that your mobile number is not verified with us. Once you verify your number in the My Account section, the points will become redeemable within 24 hours.


Visit My Account

  • Will I get points for all my friends’ orders?

You get 100 points for any new person you get to shop on Ftrendy. However, you will not be rewarded for any subsequent orders by your friend on Ftrendy.

  • How do I know if my friends have ordered after I invited them?

You can check the status of all your invites in My Account under My Ftrendy Rewards section. You’ll also get email notifications when you earn referral points from your friends’ orders.

  • I invited 20 friends, but only see 10 in my Invites Status. Why?

The other 10 may not be valid email IDs OR they may already be registered with Ftrendy OR they may have received an invite from someone else and opted out of future invitations.

  • I invited a friend and he has placed an order. When do I get my referral points?

Once you invite a friend and he makes a transaction, you would get a notification about the waiting points within 24 hours. After this, unless your friend cancels or returns the order, your points will become redeemable in 40 days.

  • How many times will my friend receive referral email?

Your friend will only get one reminder mail from Ftrendy if they don’t act on your invitation.

  • What will happen to my points if I cancel or return my order?

If you cancel or return your complete order, the corresponding points will be deducted from your account. If you cancel or return a part of your order, you will retain points corresponding to the accepted part of the order. For Platinum customers, bonus points for COD, Shipping and Gift Wrap services will be deducted in case of complete or partial return of order.

For example, if you order two items worth Rs.1000 and Rs. 2000 respectively and return the item worth Rs. 1000, you’ll get points for the item worth Rs. 2000 only.

  • What will happen to my points if my referred friend cancels or returns his order?

If the friend whom you referred cancels or returns the complete order, the points will be deducted from your account. If the referral cancels/returns only a part of the order, you will still get the referral points.

  • What does order value include?

Order Value is what you’ve paid for the value of products. Discounts, vouchers, Ftrendy Credits, COD/Shipping/Gift Wrap charges will not count towards order value.

  • Will I earn loyalty points when I use a voucher in the order?

Unless specified otherwise, you will earn reward points for all your orders.

  • What is the validity of my points?

Your earned points are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Points earned at different times will expire differently. You’ll get email notifications in advance when your points are about to expire.


Redeeming points

  • How can I redeem my earned points?

Firstly, you can convert the reward points to Ftrendy Credits and use these credits to make any purchase on Ftrendy. Secondly, you can select any of the gift vouchers in the Rewards Catalog inside ‘My Account’.

  • Can I convert my Rewards points into Cash?

Reward points or Ftrendy Credits earned through the Ftrendy Rewards program cannot be converted into cash.

  • What is the Rewards catalog?

The Rewards Catalog is an assortment of gift vouchers where you can redeem your earned points.

  • I got a voucher from the Catalog that I do not like, Can I return/exchange it?

Points redeemed on the Rewards Catalog cannot be returned or cancelled.


  • How would I get a voucher that I buy from the Rewards Catalog?

If you have redeemed your points to get Ftrendy credits, the credits will reflect in your ‘My Account’ within 30 minutes. You’ll also get a confirmation email on successful redemption.

  • If you have redeemed points on a gift voucher, it will be delivered to you over email within 24 hours.

If you don’t receive your voucher within 24 hours of redemption, please get in touch with the Customer Care.


Talk to us

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